Tips for Submitting Photos for Your MLS Listing

How to Provide Photos

Photo Order

To specify a specific order for photos to appear on your listing, please include the photo number in the file name (for example, 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg).

File Sizes

Photo files uploaded to the MLS will be compressed automatically - often to a size of 100 KB or smaller. I imagine this is to facilitate efficient file storage and file transfer on a database with thousands of listings. This does not imply low quality, but that the file size corresponds reasonably with the listing gallery size.

This means that there is no particular advantage to taking photos on a very high quality camera setting (which can produce file sizes as high as 12 MB). These large file sizes can cause e-mail delays, and long waits for uploading and downloading.

Best Practices

"Do No Harm"

Photos are essential for enticing a buyer to visit. Detailed photos are a good thing - usually. But be sure that you don't give buyers a reason not to visit. Consider this article on Trulia:
"10 Ways Your Listing Photos Are Killing an Awesome Deal"